Carv Brand Ambassador Program

Become a Carv Brand Ambassador

We are looking for dedicated, talented and charismatic individuals to help represent Carv Digital Ski Coach and Wearable. Our goal at Carv is to help all skiers, regardless of their level, a better skier to make the most out of their time on the mountain. We want to enable skiers to improve their skiing at their own pace and focus on specific skills as needed. If you’re a passionate skier who wants to help spread the word about Carv Ski instructor? Work for a ski school? On-piste champ? Resort team member? Tech loving Ski bum? Passionate skier? We’d love to have you join our Ambassador team and increase Carv’s exposure while promoting yourself in the process.

Carv Brand Ambassador Requirements

  • Promote Carv on your website, ski club, social media outlets or blog
  • Post one picture to Instagram and Facebook each week using the hashtag #getcarv and tag Cav in each Facebook post
  • Meet up with people at your local resort and ski shop who have inquired about Carv (when you are already there, we understand you are busy) and answer their questions
  • Understand or already have connections to outdoor marketing industry
  • Have the required equipment to capture high quality images and video
  • Participate in demo or other promotional activities within your area

Carv Ambassador Benefits

  • Eligible for a free Carv or discounted Ambassador pricing
  • Free Carv gear
  • 10-30% commission rewards tracked by custom web links
  • Provide product feedback directly to Carv team
  • The opportunity to increase your own online and local mountain profile via your association with our brand


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