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Track your day on the mountain

Record a detailed activity map with performance data from your day of skiing. Then compare yourself with friends, family or other skiers around the world.

The free Carv app will get you tracking your day on the slope right from the the moment you download it with no purchase necessary.


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Real-time audio coaching

Carv’s training gives you real-time audio feedback, making you a better skier--every step of the way.

Get the information you want, when you want it. With basic feedback as you ski and detailed analysis collected automatically from each run, CARV lets you enjoy your day on the mountain without intrusion. CARV is a personal ski coach you can access in your own time.


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What's your Ski:IQ?

Have you ever argued about who is the better skier? With CARV’s Ski:IQ, you can finally find out with certainty. 35+ metrics are measured on every turn in real-time to objectively score your skiing. With Ski:IQ, you can see your improvements as they happen day to day, and exchange your stats with friends and family.

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Technique Analysis

Are your turns symmetrical? Is your weight too forward in the turn? Are you leaning too far back? CARV’s pressure sensors analyse your every turn to give you a new perspective on skiing. With optimised target zones and customised tips, find out exactly where you need to improve your technique so you can push forward efficiently.


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Have you ever wondered how you stack up against the pros? How about other skiers on the mountain? Finally, you can now know for certain. CARV’S global leaderboard lets you rank yourself against skiers of all levels around the world. Watch your ranking climb, and battle for the top!
Let’s find out who’s the king of the mountain today.

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Carv (2x inserts, 2x trackers)
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